23 April 2012

How To Fit Tongue & Groove Paneling To A Bathroom Wall

How to Tongue & Groove panels in a bathroom wall mount

Installation of the tongue and groove panels on the wall is a nice touch to your bathroom can be a whole new look and is a great idea if you give your bathroom a makeover without having to replace you want your most important accessories. An attractive way to wear costumes, just to the base trim level, so you have a contrast between the wood and painted on the wall. You can decorate your panel as you wish, with a varnish stain or paint, which would best fit into your bathroom with character.

To trim fit, you have to build a framework of court, and then fit together in space. Be careful when deciding on the height of your panel to ensure that no drilling in the pipes or cables in the wall. When planning your bathroom design, remember to include access doors, if the adjustment to cover all taps or valves, you can cut the water in an emergency. If you have a lot of accessories have to fit along a wall, a pedestal sink and shower can be difficult to frame and trim around these obstacles, you can only partition that does not prefer anything attached to them.

During construction of the framework is a useful reference to the strips of wood somewhat larger as you would normally use 2 inches x 2 inches. This has a number of advantages. The larger area, you can build a shelf on top, and there is more room for the pipes in the wall to hide behind the disguise. A reference value is approximately 1YD on the floor a good height for the socket. Is required to carry three slats in the wall, which runs horizontally at the top, bottom and in the middle. With a spirit level and pencil to mark their positions on the wall, installed before installing the slats. In a hollow wall, use screws and anchors. In a brick wall, you can use concrete anchors. If there is a vertical tube in shape, cut the strips so that there is a space for the pipes to run between the frames.

The design of the plug-in panels means that the nails or pins to hold together from the point of view are hidden. You will be introduced to 45 degrees by the tongue and groove side of the card is covered. To work efficiently, cut a series of plates to size before starting to fit, and work outward from an inner corner. You should be aware that if the soil tends at all, you can have slightly different lengths of the board as you go along the wall.

To attach the first plate, hold it and check with a spirit level that is completely vertical, then attached directly to each bar at the top, bottom and middle. It's just the board is not hidden fasteners. Tap the nail through the tongue, tongue sliding on the board next. Repeat this process on the wall. If you have outside corners, you need to add some decorative shapes to the shortcut that you can attach with nails or glue costume.

At the top of the molding, cut 3in x 1In slats to length and connects the joints in the corners of a professional-looking interface. This will look better than straight edges abut. Screw or nail the top of the ribbon in place, the setting at 2 inches x 2 inches above the bar. You can then choose the forms at the bottom of the crossbar cute 3 inch x 1 inch in a brooch of gold, or the edge of the track time.
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