25 May 2012

School Bathroom Design Ideas

Cool School Bathroom Ideas

Decorating Bathroom Ideas For Your School

When most people think of school bathrooms they conjure the notion of a dirty, dingy set of stalls perhaps in a decidedly unattractive avocado or mint green. You may remember bathrooms at your school as a less than aesthetically pleasing place to be. This, however, doesn't have to be the case. There are a number of ways to turn boring old bathrooms into hip, modern spaces full of hygiene boosting devices, environmentally friendly products and eye-pleasing images. Does this Spark an idea?

Automated Devices

Help improve students hygiene and take steps towards saving the environment by installing automated devices in the bathroom. Auto-flush toilets, motion sensor sinks, automatically dispensing soap pumps and motion sensitive hand dryers all allow students to do their business hands free thereby reducing the transmission of germs from one student to another. These tools also ensure that no water is left on, excessive soap use is discouraged and hand dryers blow only as long as necessary. By installing automated devices in your school bathroom, you will not only help improve the health of your students and the environment, but also create a sleek, technological and modern restroom facility.

Stall Talk Newsletters

Turn restroom time into knowledge building time by placing stall talk newsletters in each bathroom stall. Install inexpensive plastic frames on the insides of bathroom doors and regularly place informative reading material into them. This practice is common at stadiums or concert venues where similar frames are frequently used to display sponsors' advertisements. In a school, these advertisements can be replaced with health and wellness related fact sheets, the most current edition of the school newspaper and lists of riddles and jokes. Students enjoy reading these little tidbits and the placement of this reading material adds brightness and excitement to the dull bathroom setting.

Mirror Messages

Give students something to see in the mirror, other than their reflection. Place messages on the bathroom mirrors that students can read while they wash up. This will encourage students to spend a larger amount of time washing their hands which will help prevent the spread of disease in the school. Self-esteem building messages of interesting environmental factoids make great additions to school mirrors. You can either have these messages permanently painted on the mirrors, or instead mix it up regularly and allow staff or a trusted group of students to use water-soluble markers and regularly paint new text on the mirrors.

Creative Painting Techniques

You can turn bathroom walls into a veritable mini-museum by employing some creative painting techniques. Use bold colors throughout the bathroom as these colors will brighten the space and catch student interest. Also, employ the assistance of the art club or local artists and ask them to help give your plain bathroom some pizzaz by painting a mural on one wall or decorate the insides of the bathroom stalls. If you really want to create a memorable restroom, you can use faux painting techniques and decorate each stall in a different fashion allowing bathroom users to feel as if they have stepped into a time machine every time they visit the commode. Paint one stall to resemble a bright, sunny, wild-flower-filled meadow, paint another to look as if you are in an old world castle complete with rough, gray bricks and a drawbridge exit.

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