23 April 2012

Bathroom Flooring Tips

Bathroom Flooring - How To Lay A Sub-floor

Prior to adapt to any type of bathroom floor, which is essential to ensure that the subfloor is properly prepared to ensure that you are ready to speak. This is especially crucial in the bathrooms, where high levels of moisture in the air can make a story more susceptible to injury. How should I prepare the sub-floor depends on the fact that the bathroom floor is wood or concrete.

Because it is rigid, concrete is a good basis for the land. If you have a new rule, which can take several months for the concrete to dry completely before a new implant can be placed on it? With the old floor will have to make sure you have a flat surface, is to fill the holes or the application of a shave. Start with a hammer and chisel to remove lumps of concrete that protrude from the surface, as they may damage the new floor. Use Malta-leveling or filling holes or depressions significant. Make sure no dirt left of bitumen from a previous story, as this can stop the self-leveling to resolve properly.

Once this is done, sweeping the loose debris and dust and apply a solution of one part PVA PVA 1-5 parts water. Then, following the instructions, mix a bit 'in a bucket self-leveling compound to desired consistency. Pour this immediately to the rule and use a trowel to spread it on the floor. Should be dried overnight to produce a flat surface. Once dry, smooth the edges with sandpaper.

With a wooden floor, which is able to influence the type of flooring that would be better to use? It also depends on what kind of soil you are working on how to prepare your sub-floor. For example, if you're laying vinyl or laminate flooring, particle board sub-floor should be sufficient. However, to put the tiles, you must establish new sub-soil strata. Bare boards are needed more work.

Before you begin, make sure that all tables are securely in place, if not, screw. With screws instead of the nails means that it is easier to access on the ground in case of need in the future. Be careful not to screw down through the pipes or cables. A good way to level uneven tables staple or nail is 4 ft x 2 ft sheets of hardboard on the floor.

On bathroom floor for cutting wood to size, use a knife and a ruler to mark the surface, and then snap apart. The use of paper models for cutting wood to fit around bit difficult, as the base of a pedestal sink. Cut the desired shape with a jigsaw, before slotting the plywood in place.
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