18 April 2012

Decorating Over Bathroom Tiles

Decorating Over Bathroom Tiles

If you do not have the time, money or inclination to make the effort to decorating your bathroom tiles, there are some things to improve or alter the appearance of the existing tiles can. As long as they are well equipped and safe and are not cracked or damaged, or just plain boring sheets must be suitable for a makeover.

Once way to decorate your bathroom tiles using the friction of the transmission of tiles to add color and pattern. First, you must ensure that the tiles are very clean. Following the instructions for use, dip the first transfer in a bucket of warm water. As soon as you took a bath, take it out of the water and shake the drops, and then place it on your tab selected. Once I had it level and you are satisfied with their position, remove the paper back up to exit the image on the tile. Order your transfer with a dry cloth to get rid of the remaining water or air bubbles. Remember to be careful when cleaning your bathroom, when to clean the tiles with the transfer, because the aggressive cleaning agents can cause damage.

Another simple solution to outdated or unattractive tiles is to paint a different color. You need a specialist tile primer used to prepare the surface before painting. Begin to do with the grinding of tiles to make a key for the painting. Then clean the tiles thoroughly and let dry. Once dry, prime the entire plate surface. Allow to dry before applying a few layers of emulsion, eggshell or gloss paint. When the desired color is only in the form of an emulsion paint top to be more durable.

To replace selected image tiles or tiles with pictures is another option, if you add some details of the otherwise plain tiles. Decide which cards you want to delete, and scrape the joints at the edges. Then drill several holes to weaken the tiles and remove the pieces with a hammer and chisel club. There will be a lot of sharp pieces, so wear safety goggles and gloves for this step. Once you remove the old tile, adhesive to the hole and insert a new tab in the usual way, with spacers at the edges. When the glue has time to dry, had to remove the spacers and fill the citizen initiatives.

A very quick and inexpensive way to give a new look bathroom tiles to tile plastic sheeting is about to follow them. To the adhesive to remain on the back of the leaves and it in place. The leaves in large sizes, so it's easy to cover large areas quickly. They are easy to cut with scissors, so you can fill in the gaps around the edges. After the adhesive has dried, you have the grout in the usual way.


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