21 April 2012

How To Fit A Heated Towel Rail

How To Fit A Heated Towel Rail

In Your Bathroom

Modern radiator is increasingly popular as an alternative to the traditional radiator, because not only heat the bathroom, but to provide a room specially designed for drying towels. Bath towels can be heated by electricity or water, depending on the type of heating system in your home.

If you want to install your towel with water heated in the same place you have never had a radiator, power lines will be fine, and so it should be a simple switch. However, if your plans to renovate a bathroom will involve you in finding a new place, you need to redirect pipes, which is more work.

If you want to install an electrically heated towel rail to your bathroom, you should get a qualified electrician to do to make sure it is safe and complies with building regulations.

Many bathroom radiators are covered by a protective plastic. It’s better to let the installation process to avoid scratches. To begin, remove the plastic plugs at each end of the guide, along with calipers. By contrast, a screw cap in one of the top corners and screw vent valve ventilation or another. Make sure your child is properly inserted before using a wrench to tighten the cap and valve. It 'a good idea to attach the tape around the jaws of the key to stop the removal of the cap or valve.

Then screw the valve completely, then use a spirit level to mark a horizontal line on the wall to the height you want your towel. Then attach the mounting brackets in the corresponding position on the wall. Be sure to use appropriate fasteners for the type of wall (solid or stud). And the first two bands, there will be at least one spindle. If there is only one substance, must be the center of the runway, slightly above the lower edge.

Put groups of fixed sections in brackets and mount the media guide before using the following parts of the support groups for attachment of the guide firmly in place. For an accurate finish, cover support brackets with caps pliers. Then it must be concluded by connecting the valves for the supply of tubes. The best way is to pass the pipes under the floor once the cloth has been established. It’s much more difficult to try to position the pipe prior to installation of the rail.

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